3 comments on “No witty post title today sorry :(

  1. Some options at least…. as for most things I guess the reason won’t become apparent for quite a while.
    Best of luck for the day!

    • Mate – I’m up for a ride 🙂 If by fluke we jag the visas tomorrow then I’ve got two days to cover the 1,200km from Tehran to Bam, to hook-up with a small convoy of overlanders going east with an organised police escort. From Bam we’d then have seven days of solid riding before we cross into India. Obviously this is my preferred option.

      Failing the visas tomorrow we need to decide whether or not to back-track and fly over India, or wait until the 19th and then try and meet up with another group of overland travellers. Let’s take things one step at a time 🙂

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