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Vince attended the Inaugural Perth HU Travellers Meeting held in October 2013 – where he met the founders Grant and Susan Johnson …HU and the DVD series “The Achievable Dream” were inspirational and when Vince met Karen in 2014 it was one of the first experiences he shared with her. It was almost an indoctrination into a cult for her…..and she was hooked. She became a member in her own right after the South Africa trip.  P1110112
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By the time the October 2014 HU Travellers Meeting (held at Fairbridge, W.A.) came around they were both hungry for more….. it was a great weekend with Karen doing her thing taking notes on her iPad to help their planning. They attended most sessions together, but sometime would divide and conquer to cover more ground. It was a marvelous experience.
 In January 2015 Karen contacted the HU organiser in Germany, Jens Ruprecht, to ask about any language barriers to the couple attending the HU Summer Overland Adventure Travel Event at Campingplatz Pfrimmtal (Pfimmerhof 3, 67729 Sippersfeld) on 14 – 17 May 2015, whilst they are in Europe. Jens extended an invitation to present and after discussion they agreed. So Vince and Karen will now be Australian ambassadors presenting twice: “2upadventures – Aussies Abroad – Dream it…Live it…. Ride it…” about their 12 month Honeymoon so far and also “We come from the Land Downunder! Riding in Australia – the real story!” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA