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Karen had NEVER ridden off road before….as some of the South Africa Trip would be off road she was instructed that she needed body armour …so some was purchased (notice the supermodel cockroach approach complete with breast and knee protection!) She felt like a transformer! Vince thought she should get an idea of what to expect off road so they took his Suzuki DR650 up to Mt Dale… was an experience that she handled well! Adventure Girl says BRING IT ON BABY!

It’s safe to say that meeting Vince through the Perth Motorbike and Sidecar Riders Meetup Group in early Jan 2014 would change Karen’s life and comfort zones forever! These two kindred souls had immediate connection and Vince shared his travel dreams and ambitions … he had been waiting for Karen all his life – and she for him! Adventure Girl was born in response to finally meeting her Adventure Boy…. “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
― A.A. Milne
 600_321211462 At first their “Dream” was just that …a dream for some unknown future date. But being the determined, pragmatic individual she is, Karen was intent on breathing life into it…. Vince met her challenge of showing her  how “the time” and “the money” could be achieved…it was possible! Dreams evolve and although no real plans had been made….they began talking as if it was really going to happen….”when we go how about we take a sidecar for our camping gear ….” , “on our trip how will we……”, “whilst we are away we will …” Slowly, without really realising it, things were becoming crystallised into reality. Failure was never an option.
The South Africa Trip was already planned for March 2014 and Vince, with permission for the Laos Beer Drinking Team, invited Karen to join them as their medic ……but really it was to test the waters in terms of the couple travelling overseas on a motorbike – which Karen had never done. Riding pillion on the back of their hired BMW 1200 GS was fantastic! She took to it like a duck to water, and this Moet drinking, Business Class Jetsetter was converted! Bring in on! By the time they got back to Perth she already had her heart set on a BMW as the vehicle of choice for their big overseas ride.  IMG_3753
 IMG_3755 Their “Dream” was no longer fictional, they were “Living It” – breathing life into it on a daily basis, planning and refining bit by bit. There now was no question of going…. there was only when…..