All posts for the month February, 2017

It’s been a long long time since we posted here…’s been a year since my son, Kyle, died on his motorbike….and time for me to rejoin the living!  

The past few weeks I’ve felt a pull to try and learn to ride for myself again…this time with a more suited bike and a better instructor/shadow….my husband! If I can’t do it this time, then I shall have to accept it really is that I’m just not a rider. But Vince assures me I can do it….absolute beginner and baby steps….and you know me, I’ll give it my best shot! Who knows BABYCAKES may just make it to South America for our next big trip (date unknown due to money and time at the moment).

I bought him on 21.2.2017 but he had to be lowered, due to me being vertically challenged, so we collected him yesterday. He is a little 2015 Kawasaki Z250SL, only 7 months on the road with 2900k on the clock…and in pristine condition, a steal at just $3900 plus $150 for the lowering links (New is $6099). He looks brand new and I have no intention of dropping him and messing up his beautiful Candy Burnt Orange paintwork!

Vince rode him down the road to our friends, Tam and Zander, at Overlander Adventure Equipment, as I wanted to see if he could be kitted out for long distance travel, and of course he can be! But that’s down the track, I have to crawl before I walk before I run. But Vince did buy me the little tank bag to start off….and who knows I have a birthday next month….Hmmmmm. LOL

I had told the ANIMAL about her little brother before we left to collect him, like most siblings, she didn’t seem too impressed and was strangely quiet. But later in the day, at my first lesson in the school carpark, when she saw her Mummy struggling and scared, she softened and has taken her little brother under her wing now! It was a bit of a harrowing experience, but I managed to stay upright, not drop the bike and to ride it the length of the car park and stop. And so the adventure begins..

If I do get my license, it doesn’t mean that I won’t still ride two up on the ANIMAL, her pillion seat is mine alone and always calls me! She will always be our first born, the realisation of our dreams, our home for 10 months on the road and even my ambulance in Thailand when I broke my arm. Our big girl will always be our baby too!