6 comments on “Esfahan to Shiraz

  1. Keep up the stories…. Loving the little titbits that make it such a personal journey.
    Any luck with the India visa? Stay well and keep writing, I love it.

    • Sounds like it’s taking its toll. Here’s hoping that the government powers that be see the benefits of our intrepid travellers traversing the sub continent.

      • Cheers Craig. We’ve scraped our plans to sight-see in Yazd, Kerman and Bam and we’ve returned to Tehran to tackle the Embassy this coming week. Rather than exploring Iran we’re holed up inside our hotel, trying to pick our way through a frustrating mass of red tape and apathy. On Monday I’ve hopefully got one last card to play if necessary, but it’s getting down to the wire.

    • G’day Craig! India is proving a tough nut to crack. Thursday 13th is our drop-dead date for approval – if we miss that date then we have no option but to abort India & Nepal and instead back-track at least to Turkey and fly the bike forwards to SE Asia. The stress of the situation is ever-present. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the first day of the working week for the Indian Embassy here in Tehran and we’ll visit them in the hope of some good news. Cross your fingers for us!!!

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