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  1. … and Dave – I’m a hi-viz convert now !!! We’d probably be pancakes by now if not for all the hi-viz tape festooning the bike, and I’ve even started wearing the hi-viz vest at times 🙂

  2. Hi Guys,
    really loving the story.
    A true modern adventure, not in the wilderness, but in the present day “in our civilised world”. Really enjoying your photos and accounts of your daily experiences. Just think that you could have done a world cruise on a luxury liner, circling islands in the Aegean, surround by boring, obese rich people and utter opulence, being bored sh*tless, whilst being served by waiters in starched shirts & jackets. But no, you are immersed in a real life adventure, along with the daily challenges that life throws at you. – Awesome!
    A shame about the weather, but it constantly reminds me of why I originally came to Oz. With so much exposure to the wet weather, look out for the skin starting to web between fingers & toes…..lol., you’ll know there is a problem when the gloves become difficult to put on.
    I see you guys are still persevering with the original clothing (heated gear excluded) and must be so over the wet weather riding by this time? Are Bavarian suits on the agenda?
    Glad to see the tyres are living up to expectations and was wondering what the locals favour in the way of tyres for their local conditions?
    Very disappointed to hear that the panniers are not holding up as expected, despite I believe your attempts with A.C. here in Perth to rectify the problem? Is it the lid seal, rivets or somewhere else? Maybe silicon every rivet from the inside and gaffa tape around the lid?? A pain, I know, but until you get them sorted, or until the weather fines up? Can you get assistance from BMW whilst in London?
    Keep ’em coming…..
    Dave (and Gabriele), whom recently experienced some non- sealed riding on the GS on our ANZAC long weekend away.

    • G’day Dave – can’t afford Bavarian suits unfortunately, so we’ll stick with what we have I think – I’ve got my old Akito Desert jacket & pants, Karen has a Dryrider adventure jacket and Akito Desert pants. Karen is fed up with wearing wet-weather gear on top of her riding gear as it’s so bulky, but from a riding perspective – once you’ve got your gear on and headed off into the wet it’s not that bad (unless it’s bucketing down in which case the riding becomes a bit challenging). We did swap our panniers at Auto Classic – they were very good about it – but when the rain is pouring down they just suck the water in like a wet vacuum. We’re using dry bags now to wrap our gear in and we’ll see how that goes. We’ll cross over to France tomorrow via the Eurotunnel train and I’m hoping for an improvement in the weather. We’ve managed to fluke enough dry spells to allow us to enjoy what we’ve come to see – for example – it wasn’t raining (much) when we walked around Stonehenge – even if it did bucket down afterwards, so in that respect we’ve been very fortunate.

      I’m looking forwards to getting off the B&B circuit and into something a bit more challenging, and the language differences in Europe will contribute to that. First stop after we got off the train tomorrow at Calais will be to visit a WWI cemetery in Dozengham Belgium where one of my dad’s uncle’s is buried, and from there it may be a quick trip to Paris before heading to Frankfurt for the HU Meeting on the weekend 14th-17th May. Not quite the hard-core adventure of other riders but we’ve seen a lot and I’m enjoying the riding.

      Are there photos posted up on Meetup of your GS adventures over the ANZAC weekend? I’ll go look for them later – for now I need to go pack our gear in preparation for tomorrow.

      Great hearing from you both. Stay safe and chat soon 🙂

      Vince & Karen

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