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  1. Hi Guys, just echoing Craig’s comments as we are loving the updates too.

    Sorry to hear about Kaz’s challenges. That has certainly thrown you “a curve ball” as they say.
    Best wishes from all of us here for a swift and successful recovery with the condition, so do as the the medico’s say, rest, and get well so the shakedown can finish, and the real adventure can begin.

    Really enjoying the pics and videos guys.
    I was around those parts sometime in the late seventy’s, driving olive drab green trucks, dressed in European camo whilst in the service of Her Majesty. Needless to say, it rained everyday whilst we were there…lol.

    Interested in the heated jackets Vince, so would appreciate a “Product Review” (just like Anthony at Revzilla.com….) lol….
    Y’know, details, specs and how you wired them from the bike (or battery)…did you buy them in Oz, or over there?

    You guys are an inspiration! I can’t believe how fast things have unfolded over the last 12-15 months. From a coffee at Dome Cafe Hillarys, and now your’e on the adventure of a lifetime!!
    Maybe we have another Simon & Lisa Thomas in the mix, just developing a few stubby feathers ready to travel the globe on BMW’s for the next 12 years or so!,……..

    Anyway guys, the news from here: the group has slowed up a bit, probably because there were a hell of a lot of rides going on, and secondly, the weather has cooled off, but has become absolutely perfect for the serious riders.

    It’s ANZAC day here this Saturday (FYI), and Gabriele and I are off on our mini-adventure. Riding down to Tone bridge for a riverside camp and cook out, then probably Broomehill for the Sunday night. Monday, home via my mate Stan who owns the General Store and burger joint at Popanyinning for a feed on the way home…

    Best wishes from the both of us,..God Bless, and take care. Keep keeping on, catch up again soon………

    • G’day there Dave – great to hear from you mate, and thrilled that you and Gabriele have an adventure ride of your own to enjoy!! I’ll write about the heated vests in more detail later, but in a nutshell Karen has the BMW-issue vest and I’m using a 3rd-party product – Keis. We got different brands as they fitted us better. Both vests are hooked up to the battery, and each have a (different design) three stage controller. On very cold days you’re not cooking in the vests but they keep the cold at bay and allow you to push on. Approx 100 pounds each. Here’s a tip – don’t let your controller drag on the ground as you ride along or very quickly you’ll be needing a new one 🙂

      The riding has really picked up recently, but you need to take each day as it comes – some days we’re in a great riding area (like the Yorkshire Dales or the Lakes District) but the weather is foul, so on those days we either tone down our riding or pick an easier route, or both. I stumbled across Cole Coleman’s “Great Motorcycle Tours in Europe” the other day and it’s pointed out some wicked roads, and we always chat with local riders as well to get their input and advice. In Scotland pretty much any road is a rider’s dream – twisty curves that snake through the hills and alongside the rivers and the BMW eats the roads up. I just wish I was a more competent rider as that way I could get more out of both the bike and the roads – but even as a novice they still put a smile on my face that lasts for the whole day !!

      Enjoy your ride and keep us posted okay !!!!

  2. Hi Guys…. loving the updates… generating quite a bit of interest back here in WA.
    So good to have news of your adventures (complete with the treatments).
    Feeling like I’m living my life vicariously through the journey.
    Looking forward to the next instalments.

    • Mate the riding here is absolutely fantastic !!! The weather is clear and cool – external temperatures can be around 8 degrees C so with the wind chill factor it’s even colder on the bike and as a result we’re making good use of our electric vests. Here in Scotland – where we can we pick up the back roads, and they are usually single lane roads with passing bays scattered along their lengths. Today (21st Apr) we did just under 400km from John o Groats to Ballater and it took us about 8.5 hours riding time, and I’m knackered now. There are so many awesome roads to ride on over here I think I’m in paradise 🙂

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